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Additional recall tools.

Below, we’ve collected additional tools to check for up to 10,000 vehicles for recalls at once, or to check for other product recalls that may be affecting the safety of your vehicle—like your tires or your child’s car seat.


Bulk Vehicle Check

If you work for a qualified business or organization, you can visit the CARFAX Vehicle Recall Check site to request an account that allows you to review thousands of VINs at once for open safety recalls.

  • Upload up to 10,000 VINs at once
  • Get free, fast results
  • Recheck as often as you want

Carfax Vehicle Recall Check

Other Recall Safety Search Tools

Here are other free, online resources where you can find information about safety recalls:

Car Seat Recalls

This printed list includes recalls on child restraints manufactured since 1/1/2013. Information is subject to change, so always verify with the manufacturer. This recall list was originally developed by the WA State Safety Restraint Coalition. It is currently maintained by Safe Ride News Publications.

Tire Recall Lookup

Safety is the top priority for the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA). This tire recall search tool helps consumers identify tires manufactured by USTMA members that may be subject to a recall.

NHTSA’s Recall Search Tool  

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the government agency that oversees roadway safety. NHTSA’s search options include vehicles (providing information for the past 15 calendar years), car seats, tires, and other vehicle equipment.

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