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Helping make recall repairs easier.

Car dealers, fleet managers and car repair professionals are on the front lines when it comes to vehicle recalls. So we’ve collected a number of resources to help you identify and repair dangerous safety recalls.

Bulk Vehicle Check
If you work for a qualified business or organization, you can visit the CARFAX Vehicle Recall Check site to request an account that allows you to review thousands of VINs at once for open safety recalls.

  • Upload up to 10,000 VINs at once
  • Get free, fast results
  • Recheck as often as you want

Carfax Vehicle Recall Check

Mobile Airbag Repair
If you have vehicles with open airbag recalls, the repairs could come to you. Email [email protected] with your location and vehicle details to learn about the options in your area.

Airbag Part Check & Disposal
A new website from automakers allows anyone who handles aftermarket parts to quickly identify and prevent the resale of recalled Takata airbags and component parts.

Visit to check one or many parts simultaneously and get information about free pickup and disposal for recalled Takata airbags.

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