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50 million vehicles on the road have open recalls.

Find out if your vehicle has an open recall.
It’s free to check and free to repair at a dealer.

Car VIN Example

How to find your VIN

  • On driver’s side dash
  • Inside driver’s door
  • On registration or insurance card

You don't know if you don't check.

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    Checking often for open recalls helps you stay safe.

    Driving a vehicle with an open safety recall can put you and your loved ones at greater risk in a crash.

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    Don’t assume
    you'll get a recall notice by mail.

    It can be difficult for manufacturers to find and alert you, especially if you own an older or used vehicle.

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    Ignoring a recall
    can lead to costly damages.

    Getting your vehicle fixed is free. Contact any dealer for a repair appointment and to confirm that parts are available.


Coalition Members

The Check To Protect Coalition is led by the National Safety Council and includes the following members. See all our campaign partners.